Understanding customers and their decision making process is paramount to your business’s bottom line. Using our unique combination of high-end mathematical skills, high-level computational abilities, and in-depth knowledge of subject domains, we discover these secrets in your data.

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Data Science

We know data. Our team is composed of PhDs and MS physicists, mathematicians, and computer scientists who have published on a wide variety of problems of all scales and sizes. Not only do we understand your problem, we know how to solve it most efficiently.

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GPU Acceleration

We think in parallel (quite literally). Since 2008 we have applied GPU computing techniques to problems in astronomy, big data, bio-medicine, cybersecurity, defense, finance, graph analytics, and physics. Our experience prepares us to find an innovative solutions to your problems.

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Machine Learning

We teach computers to teach themselves. Whether it be a supervised, unsupervised, or semi-supervised problem, our background in data mining, algorithms, statistics, analysis, and high performance computing grand us an edge on the competition.

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